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Wine / Crémant Vouchers
Auxerrois 2019 Weibour 5 cl 1
Riesling 2019 5 cl 1
Duo Rosé 2020 5 cl 1
Crémant brut : Cuvé brut 5 cl 2
Inspiration 2020 5 cl 1


Duhr-Maddalon Cellars come from a winegrowing tradition since 1837. Since 2015, Anne has been working to continue the family heritage and instill a new feminine breath while respecting nature and the terroirs spread over Wormeldange, Niederdonven, Ehnen and Lenningen.

The range of wines offered is the result of the experience of six generations of winegrowers and a range of seven different traditional grape varieties.
This diversity brings richness and elegance to the wines produced by Anne.