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Celtic Fish & Chips


Celtic Fish and Chips is a food truck, where light and crispy battered fish is served. It offers a recipe which found it’s beginning in granny’s kitchen and has been in the family for 3 generations. The Company Celtic Fish and Chips stands for high quality products which are bought from local suppliers or do come straight from their own garden like most of the salad. On the other the company does also serve Burgers with beef, bacon, chicken or cheese. The Food Truck does not only give you an insight into family tradition, but delivers freshness and authenticity.
To find out more look here: www.celticfishandchips.lu or on the Facebook account Celtic FISH and CHIPS.


Offer Price
Fish & Chips Large 18€
Fish & Chips Small 12€
Calamari 15€
Chicken Nuggets 13€
Mozzarella Sticks 7€
Onion Rings 6,50€
Chips 4,50€
Glühwein 4€
Coffee / Softdrinks 2,50€