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Club des Jeunes Ehnen


Club des Jeunes Ehnen was founded on 4 June 1976 and counts currently 27 members with an average age of 15 to 27 years, and 16 donors.

Their mission is to represent the interests of young people in the society by organising for example barbecues and quiz evenings, and taking part in other events with a booth.

At Wine Linghts Enjoy, they offer a variety of sausages, cheeseburgers, hamburgers and bifana. We are happy that they are part of the 2nd edition of Wine Lights Enjoy.


Offer Price
Grillwurscht 3,50€
Mettwurscht 4,00€
Kéiswurscht 4,00€
Hamburger 4,00€
Cheeseburger 5,00€
Racletteburger 5,50€