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Domaine viticole Pundel-Hoffeld / Caves Pundel-Err

Wine degustation

Wine / Crémant Vouchers
Crémant Pundel-Hoffeld prestige brut 5 cl 1
Cuvée Caberie 2019 Pundel-Hoffeld 5 cl 1
Mouton Blanc 2020 Pundel-Err 5 cl 1
Dou'Aux 2020 Pundel-Err 5 cl 1
Gewürztraminer 2019 Pundel-Hoffeld 5 cl 1
Saint-Laurent 2018 rouge Pundel-Hoffeld 5 cl 1


The story of Pundel-Hoffeld wine estate began in the 19th century. Its vineyards are located in Machtum (Hohfels, Widdem, Alwéngert, Gëllebour and Ongkâf), Wormeldange (Weinbour and Elterberg), Ahn (Palmberg) and Grevenmacher (Leitschberg).
The Caves Pundel-Err have existed for generations in Wormeldange, the Rieslings community. The vineyards are located in Wormeldange (Weinbour, Elterberg, Pieteschwengert and Koeppchen). Since autumn 2008, Claude Pundel vinifies and markets the wines of the Pundel-Err cellars separately in Machtum, although Jupp Pundel is always present with advice, experience and assistance. Two remarkable wine farms of Luxembourg Moselle are here united and offer quality products for all tastes; an experience for the senses!