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Elterevereenegung Billek

Parent association Billek is an organization that works for the interests of children, as well as their well-being. They create great activities for the children who go to the Billek primary school. Currently their board consists of 6 people. For example, this year they organized a 5km Easter rally through the vineyards, where the children could win great prizes. Furthermore, the Parents’ Association also organizes activities such as the school festival, decorating the Christmas tree with handicrafts made by the children, distributing yeast pastry baked for Saint Nicholas day, the “Coupe Scolaire” and also help to finance class trips, the school library, and the production of sweatshirts for cycle 4.2.

In other words, they support the children not only socially and financially, but also materially. Because of their motivation, they will offer us delicious flour dumplings at the WLE, which are not to be missed!


Offer Price
Kniddelen mat Speck 8,00€
Viva / Spruddel 2,50€