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LëtzeBurger is a food truck company that has been around since 2018 and shares a passion for burgers. Behind it are seven guys who have made it their goal to sell high-quality burgers. The burgers consist of one hundred percent meat, assembled with fresh vegetables and bread from their local baker in Bertrange. Thus, LëtzeBurger not only puts a lot of emphasis on locality and quality, but also on versatility, because there is also something for vegetarians and vegans. Furthermore, the still quite young company even has its own app that you can download on your mobile phone and order your food online.

More information on letzeburger.lu or order on shop.letzeburger.lu.


Offer Price
Hamburger 9,90€
Chickenburger 8,90€
Cheeseburger 10,90€
Black Angus Burger 14,40€
Pulled Pork Burger 15,40€
Veggieburger 10,90€
Baconburger 11,90€
Chili-Cheese 11,90€
Vegan Burger 10,90€
Truffle Burger 15,00€
Softdrinks 2,50€
Water 2,50€