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Wormer Musek

The Harmonie Wormeldingen was founded in 1904 and today describes itself as a cool, young and dynamic music club from the Rieslinger community. Furthermore, their annual gala concert took place this year, which has been in effect since 2017 and was held at the Centre Culturel in Wormeldingen under the direction of Patrick Wilhelm. Patrick Wilhelm has been conductor since 2016. It is a young group of 35 active musicians* who not only offer a varied program, but also spread dynamic sounds and thus convey a festive atmosphere. To live up to its musically dynamic expectations, Harmonie Wormeldingendoes not only offer grilled food at the WLE event, but has decided to do us the honor by also serving cheeseburgers, hamburgers and fries. All in all, quite harmonious!


Offer Price
Hamburger 6,00€
Cheeseburger 7,00€
Fritten 4,00€